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EasTex K9 Dog Training LLC

1" Quick Connect Dog Collar (Red)

1" Quick Connect Dog Collar (Red)

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1" Quick Connect Dog Collar (Red)

 (Not Intended for E-Collars)


-  ½” spaced buckle holes for better adjustment

-  Stainless Steel Hardware to prevent rusting

-  Easily removable with the Aluminum quick connect buckle

-  Easy to clean with soap and water

-  Material is Soft & Comfortable

-  Collar is waterproof, odor proof and easy to clean

-  The Quick Connect Dog Collar is handcrafted at EasTex K9 Dog Training LLC and they are utilized daily in many different training scenarios.



- The Biothane strapping has a 1000 lbs breaking strength

-  Size varies depending on size of your dog

-  Stainless Steel and Aluminum Hardware


The 1" Quick Connect Dog Collar is an adjustable dog collar that is made to last.  The 1” Quick Connect Dog Collar is made out of 1" wide, Super Heavy, BioThane® strapping which is durable, cleanable, waterproof, has a 1000lbs breaking strength and is made in the USA.  The BioThane® is known for its minimum maintenance unlike leather.  This makes this collar perfect even for the strongest of dogs.  The softness of the BioThane® material makes it a more comfortable alternative over traditional collar materials.

The hardware used with the 1” Quick Connect Dog Collar is made of aluminum and steel components which compliments the strength of the BioThane® strapping.  The Quick Connect Collar uses an ALU-MAX® side release aluminum buckle which has a 500lbs breaking strength.  This side release aluminum buckle is leaps and bounds better than traditional plastic side release buckles you see sold online and in the big box stores.  The rivets used are tubular rivets which are known for their strength and used in the draft horse harness making industry.

To get the correct size you measure your dog’s neck as shown in the video and select the correct collar.  Once you receive your collar you correctly fit the collar to your dog’s neck and from that point forward you can utilize the aluminum quick connect buckle to take it off and put it on.  No more collars that change sizes as you and your dog enjoy a long life together.

These collars work for all dogs no matter whether they're a family pet, police service dog, service dog or your best hunting partner.  These collars make taking the collar off and putting it on very simple.  It also adds to the ease of creating a safe environment for your pup when they don't need a collar on.

Our collars are super easy to clean even for dogs who enjoy rolling around in the mud and creating a mess of themselves as well as their collar.  Take a rag with soap and water, scrub the collar, spray it off and the collar's clean.

EasTex K9 Dog Training LLC created this collar after seeing a need for the family pet that is durable, easy to clean and easy to adjust but didn't come unconnected.  These collars are handmade in Anahuac, Texas.  We also use these collars daily when training our clients pups.  So not only do you have the ability to buy what we use you know it’s good because we put them to the test.

Collars come in multiple sizes to fit all dogs:

Size 15: Fits dogs with a neck size of 12"-16"

Size 17: Fits dogs with a neck size of 14"-18"

Size 19: Fits dogs with a neck size of 16"-20"

Size 21: Fits dogs with a neck size of 18"-22"

Size 23: Fits dogs with a neck size of 20"-24"

Made in the U.S.A by EasTex K9 Dog Training LLC

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